Audio Storyteller

Hi. My name is Stephanie.  I'm a podcast producer, storyteller, and journalist based in New England. I love taking listeners on journeys... journeys that take them inside someone else's head - from a puppeteer to a tunnel psychologist, or a whale rescuer and a Kinder Egg smuggler. Once, I tried interviewing my roommate's dog, but he declined to comment. I'm currently producing two exciting projects for Dustlight Productions. 

Before that, I studied journalism at Northeastern University and podcast production at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. I have expertise in both food and travel media, and I've dabbled a bit in video production. 

My inability to sit still has led me to work around the world - from Chile to Peru, Denmark to Australia, Hawaii to Maine. On all these long flights, car-rides, and train journeys, audio stories have kept me company. I hope mine can keep you company as well. 

Have a Listen

Voices from a Black Lives Matter Protest

On May 25, 2020 George Floyd was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis. Around the country, people left their homes in the midst of a pandemic to protest Floyd's death and the epidemic of police brutality in the USA. Here are a few voices from a protest in Boston. 

Made For This

In a 24-foot inflatable boat, racing against 20 knot winds and unpredictable North Atlantic conditions, Mackie Greene approaches a 70 ton animal that’s thrashing, trying to get away. These conditions are not for the faint of heart, but Mackie has help. Mackie Greene leads the Campobello Whale Rescue Team, a group of ocean experts who work like a volunteer fire to free whales caught in fishing lines and netting.

Mackie is also a fisherman, and It’s the fishing lines that are putting the whales at risk. This is why he says he has to help, despite the danger involved in saving them.  Last summer though, something happened that shook him and his team-- that made him question whether he wanted to commit or quit. 

The Monsters on the Wall

Bridget McAlonan is a puppeteer and a teacher. Her day job involves traveling to classrooms to talk about consent and sexual violence. After a long day of teaching, she returns to her home-studio where she uses puppetry and painting to escape.

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