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Baratunde digs into the world of Universal Basic Income and Guaranteed Income. Where does this money come from? Who gets the money? Will people still work? What will people even spend it on? And how on earth does free cash help our economy? Baratunde sits down with Aisha Nyandoro to find out what exactly happens when you give people in extreme poverty a thousand dollars a month, no strings attached. Listen Here

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Season 2 of How to Citizen with Baratunde is made by Dustlight Productions and IHeart Radio Podcasts.

This episode was produced and sound-designed by me.

In People we Trust
How to Citizen with Baratunde

This week, Boris Fishman tells his family's astonishing story—from the exploits of his grandfather, a barber/black marketeer who escaped the Soviet Union draft on the roof of a train, to his family's arrival in Brooklyn, where they rediscovered the dishes of their Belarusian roots. And we meet the man who invented a $10 million strawberry picking robot

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One of the episodes I worked on as the Production Assistant for Milk Street Radio. For this episode, I produced the interview with Boris Fishman and the story of the Strawberry Picking Robot story.  

Savage Feast: Culinary Adventures from the Soviet Union
Christopher Kimball's Milk Street

Whimbrels migrate from their summer breeding grounds in the Arctic to winter in South America. They fly nearly 1,000 miles without stopping before landing in the salt marshes of Cape Cod for a layover. Each year since the 1990s, Whimbrels traveling along the Atlantic coast have declined by 4%, due in part to habitat loss. Over a third of the Cape’s marshes have vanished, mostly due to sea-level rise and urban development.

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Watching Whimbrels

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis. Around the country, people left their homes in the midst of a pandemic to protest Floyd's death and the epidemic of police brutality in the USA. Here are a few voices from a protest in Boston. 

Voices of Black Lives Matter
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Sandra Ayala's Quarantine Self-Portrait ​

Voices of Quarantine
The Gardenia Project

During the Covid-19 pandemic, some people face difficult realities, others find ways to escape.  Some have found art, connection, and opportunities in isolation. Others stumble to find their way. 

In this podcast, seventeen people share their stories of life in quarantine. Listen here 


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This piece was produced for The Gardenia Project Podcast with Jen Dean. 

This week was exciting for me. My first
Perfect Strangers
Out There

The 100-Mile Wilderness is a notoriously tough stretch of the Appalachian Trail. It’s deep in the woods of Maine and is one of the longest distances thru-hikers have to navigate before reaching a town. 

In the middle of this wilderness are Bill and Linda Ware. They run a sporting camp called White House Landing, where tired hikers can get a hot meal and a shower, and spend the night in a real bed. Listen here.

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This piece was produced with Willow Belden for the podcast Out There

Jessica, I am Enough
The Gardenia Project

In just one night, Jessica's whole life was forever changed. Jessica tells the story of how EMDR therapy helped her heal from this trauma. Listen here. 

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This piece was produced for The Gardenia Project Podcast with Jen Dean. 

Portrait by Jen Dean

I Love You, Sis
Radio Race '18

In a world shaped by loss and unspoken love, one woman changes the course of her family’s emotional reality with three simple words.

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This piece was narrated and produced by me, along with Hannah Beal, Caroline Hadilaksono, Marissa Schneiderman and Kaitlyn Schwalje as part of The 24-Hour Radio Race from KCRW's Independent Producer Project. Music written and recorded by Marissa Schneiderman and Diva.

Made for This
The Salt Institute for Documentary Studies

Mackie Greene leads the Campobello Whale Rescue Team, a group of ocean experts who work like a volunteer fire department to free whales caught in fishing lines and netting.

Mackie is also a fisherman, and It’s the fishing lines that are putting the whales at risk. This is why he says he has to help, despite the danger involved with whale rescue. Last summer though, something happened that shook him and his team-- that made him question whether he wanted to commit or quit. 

The Monsters on the Wall
The Salt Institute for Documentary Studies

Bridget McAlonan is a puppeteer and a teacher. Her day job involves traveling to classrooms to talk about consent and sexual violence. After a long day of teaching, she returns to her home-studio where she uses puppetry and painting to escape.